Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hey Hoopers and Hoopfans,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ted Hutchins, Coach Ted for short. I'm the Head Coach of the Mississippi D1 Ambassadors Elite Travel Team. I have 11 years experience coaching AAU, beginning with my oldest son's 6th grade friends! I'm looking forward to this season as we have possible one of the most talented teams in the southern region. You can find out who made this year's 17U team under ROSTER link.

I'm not going to bore you with a blah blah background history on me, but I will say that we fit the word "TEAM" in every sense. We are a family, not just teammates/coaches. For the past five years, we were known as the Mississippi Ballers, who played in FOUR National tournaments, placing 3rd in the D2 Nationals in 2005, and 12th in the D1 Nationals in Orlando FL in 2008! None of this could be possible without the help of "General Manager" Camille Hutchins, who's also my wife. Also thanks go out to my assissant for the past 5 years, Calvin Johnson Jr, my brother-in-law. Like I said, we are a family, and we expound that to the players as well. After practice, it's not unusual to see our team together at a mall, movie, or just hanging out.

I'm very excited about the upcoming season, and having the ability to give you an inside look from the locker room, practices, games and beyond! I will also give you evaluations and updates of players from the Jackson and surrounding areas. Don't be surprised at what you will read on my blog!

A special shout out and big THANKS go to Bobby Sibley for making this all possible!!!! Bobby has put a lot of effort into making this organization a class unit, and he's doing a great job.

I will talk to you soon.

God Bless,

Coach Ted

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