Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Players working on their game

I just left the MBA gym in Jackson, MS and I was pleased to see the number of high caliber players working on their game! In the past couple of days, I ran into Xavier Rimmer, 2011 Guard for Piney Woods, working on a deadly three point shot to add to his arsenal. In a pickup game, I witnessed him shooting at least 80% from the three line. Among the guards showing shooting marksmanship were Jerrial Dawson, 2011 guard from Murrah High, Jarron Mallory, 2011 guard from Provine High and Marshun Magee, 2010 guard from Bailey High. I liked the fact that these players and others were working on their skills instead of sitting at home!

Players need to understand that you have to put the work in to get the glory. Athletes such as LeAntwan Luckett and Donovan Ross are putting in up to 4 hours daily in conditioning, weight-lifting and basketball drills. I witnessed Jalen Courtney, LSU signee, working out with the current Jackson Tigers AAU team Sunday. This young man has a D1 scholarship and could easily take a "break" during spring break, but he is constantly working on his game. These kind of kids will make it.

If you are sitting on your butt, surfing the net, or updating your facebook, or worse, texting, more than you are working out, don't be surprised if after your last game senior year you have no offers. Will you blame your Coach, Parents, or yourself?

Real Talk.

Coach Ted

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